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Passing on the Faith to the Next Generation

First Baptist Church of Flushing http://english.fbcflushing.org

Deuteronomy 4:1-14

Big Idea of the Message: 

The secret to experiencing God’s blessings is listening to God’s Word. And it begins with the parents. As parents, we need to be more proactive in teaching God’s Word to our children, so they may experience life and life in abundance. In doing so, we will show honor to God and equip & empower the next generation to share gospel to the succeeding generations.

Point 1: Parents, listen to God’s Word (v. 1-4)

Point 2: Parents, you are your child’s visual aid to the Gospel (v. 5-8)

Point 3: Fulfill your parental ministry as the chief evangelist of the Gospel (v. 9-14)

Sources: Welcome to the Post-Text Future